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Mathematical Optimization Society
Optima Newsletter


Optima is the newsletter of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS). It contains society news, articles on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. This website contains the recent issues of Optima.

Editor: Volker Kaibel
Co-Editors: Samuel Burer, Jeffrey Linderoth
Designer: Christoph Eyrich

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Latest Issues

Optima 102
Henry Wolkowicz Obituary for Jonathan M. Borwein
Marida Bertocchi and David P. Morton Obituary for Jitka Dupacova
Jorge Nocedal Obituary for Roger Fletcher
Ignacio Grossmann Obituary for Chris Floudas
Andrzej Ruszscynski Obituary for Andras Prekopa
Alan J. Hoffman Obituary for Philip Starr Wolfe
Optima 101
Volker Kaibel, Jon Lee, Jeff Linderoth You have to figure out who your customer is going to be - An interview with Bob Bixby
Martin Grötschel Comments on Bob Bixby ’s interview: Mathematics and the Real World
Bill Cook Comments on Bob Bixby ’s interview: Beauty in the Details

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Published by the Mathematical Optimization Society and
Gator Engineering(r) Publication Services University of Florida (to Optima 78)

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