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Mathematical Optimization Society


MOS prizes 2015:
Fulkerson Prize
Dantzig Prize
Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize
Tucker Prize
Lagrange Prize
Tseng Lectureship

New issue of Optima: 101 (09/2016)

Results of MOS elections (6/2015)

New MOS-chair: K. Aardal (07/2016)

More News

Mathematical Programming Computation: Call for papers

The Mathematical Optimization Society will publish the new journal Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC) beginning in 2009. The journal is devoted to computational issues in mathematical optimization, including innovative software, comparative tests, modeling environments, libraries of data, and/or applications. A main feature of the journal is the inclusion of accompanying software and data with submitted manuscripts. The journal's review process includes the evaluation and testing of the accompanying software. Where possible, the review will aim for verification of reported computational results.

The full contents of the journal will be made freely available on the society-run web site mpc.zib.de. MPC will also be published together with Springer Verlag, in both print and online versions; MOS members will receive the print version of the journal as part of their membership benefits.

Further information, including instructions for authors, can be found here.