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Mathematical Optimization Society


MOS prizes 2015:
Fulkerson Prize
Dantzig Prize
Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize
Tucker Prize
Lagrange Prize
Tseng Lectureship

New issue of Optima: 101 (09/2016)

Results of MOS elections (6/2015)

New MOS-chair: K. Aardal (07/2016)

More News

Name Change: Mathematical Optimization Society

The results of the membership ballot concerning the change of name of MPS to "Mathematical Optimization Society" are as follows:


The motion thus passes. The change will be implemented during the coming weeks.

We look forward to continued growth and vitality of the society under its new name!

June 4, 2010

Members of MPS were voting on a proposal to change the name of MPS to "Mathematical Optimization Society." The change entails a change in the constitution. Here are details of the change: